On behalf of your constituent: letter to Mike Freer MP with copy to PM and supportive MPs

Dear Mr Freer MP

I am writing on behalf of your constituent Mr Ebert to suggest that there is more that you can do for him: e.g.

Mr Ebert’s fraudulent bankruptcy was introduced to me as the worst known until I heard of David Fabb’s disgraceful case. Together with Mrs Cooper’s and Mr Fox’s horrendous story we submitted these four key samples to the Lord Chancellor and the Business Minister, hoping for attention and change.

Since Mr Ebert’s case is long and complex, he has now managed to ‘get to the point’ by formulating the WANTED posters which I have begun to publish on his website. It lists all culprits who contributed to the ruin of a perfectly solvent professional. A disgrace for the individuals and the multi-agency collusions that we have detected.

Your constituent Jeff Lampert is one of the victims who has been coming to meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies. His case parallels Lord Sudeley’s case of over 100 years ago on ten levels. This demonstrates the fundamentally systemic flaws in our dishonest money system that have lead to extraordinary levels of greed and corruption, starting with the police.

Mr Ebert’s case has been published as Volume 1 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud of which Mrs Cooper’s experience are presented in Volume 2. The complete unwillingness of the police to investigate crimes has been experienced by her, and much more by Maurice J Kirk whose MP Alun Cairns has also written letters on behalf of his constituent. For letters by MPs are fast tracked, as Ian Liddell-Grainger MP writes and as we have experienced ourselves.

The evidence is there. The grouping of cases is there. Victims have shared their experiences and are getting more and more disillusioned. They have analysed ‘the system’. They have written to ‘god and sundry’. They have done it, been there and have been fobbed off in the same kind of predictable way:

  • Being sent from pillar to post
  • Being told ‘we don’t deal with individual cases’
  • Being offered no legal remedy let alone financial compensation for the State’s wrongdoings.

The global political awakening can’t be stopped any more:

Injunctions are being issued to prevent victims of institutionalised fraud and other white collar crimes from screaming about their injustices. Judges sanction the wrongdoings of court staff and social services. Royal Charters and Memoranda of Understanding between various organisations ensure mutual protection – all at the expense of the general public.

As long as MPs are elected by tax payers despite all these systemic flaws, it would be nice to know that they are actually standing up on behalf of their electorate. John Hemming MP demonstrates this beautifully. Please do follow suit! He gave lots of victims hope at our meeting in January. Some might otherwise have killed themselves already, as has happened many times.

If enough MPs write to Ministers, could it be that they wake up to their sense of Fairness as well as their responsibility to morals and values that politics used to embrace?

Nic Dakin MP has been told that the Economic Crime Agency will look into white collar crimes. The Government wanted to take white collar crime as seriously as any other crime. To make sure that the remit will cover the needs of our victims, we have launched our online petition to ask for a Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes.

For you must realise that the electorate cannot possibly tolerate more banks being bailed out, while there are no fair trials, no legal remedies and no compensation for serious criminal offences.

Hence I appeal to you to speak to any of the MPs mentioned and consider taking our collective issues further as well as Mr Ebert’s in particular. To make life easy, our proposal for the Government is to take on responsibility as Compensator of Last Resort.

Hoping to have given you enough fuel and power for your writing elbows,

With kind regards,

Sabine K McNeill


National Co-ordinator, Forum for Stable Currencies
Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt

Petitioning the Lord Chancellor and the Business Minister:
Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes
: > 40 signatures and > 1,000 page views

Blogger, Victims Unite!
Empowering victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression

Web Publisher, Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694
Based on Early Day Motions 1297 and 597 tabled by Austin Mitchell MP

Buschower Dorfstr. 16 – 14715 Märkisch Luch – Brandenburg
T: 0049 33876 90166 – M: 07968 039 141


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