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Twelve weeks imprisonment: how victims are being criminalised, while criminals occupy the moral high ground

English: Aminetou Haidar visiting former Nelso...

English: Aminetou Haidar visiting former Nelson Mandela cell in Robben Island prison, South Africa.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all boils down to communication: in writing and in person, speaking legalese and using common sense. But the playing field is far from being fair:

  • when Police force you to leave your home, something must be ‘fishy’
  • when you discover one fraudulent act after the other, you wonder about the difference between law and ‘law enforcement’
  • when you end up not only made homeless, but also being bankrupted, you need to become a Nelson Mandela to transcend your emotions of pain and fury
  • while trying to be rational, you study the law, but you are not being heard, for “they” are not interested in acting according to The Rule of Law: neither the judiciary, nor the Police or court staff
  • the ‘establishment’ is sticking together, protecting each other in their jobs with their pensions and perks.

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Reserved Judgment until Monday, June 18th, 10.15

This is the way it went on June 6th and 7th:

  • the gallery was filled with lots of McKenzie Friends who really knew what was happening
  • they watched pretty bad, if not criminal behaviour on behalf of the CPS barrister
  • Mr Ebert stood his ground and handled the situation as best as possible.

More only once we have results!

But if you can join us on Monday, you can always also pop into Court 5 and watch how Haringey Council are trying to cover up their wrongdoings after snatching now seven children.

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