Eversheds Solicitors

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Accused of Abuse of Process, Contempt of Court, etc.

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9 responses to “Eversheds Solicitors

  1. onevoiceactiongroup

    Timothy Pyle of Eversheds Cardiff office is a serial CRIMINAL and is in criminal CONTEMPT OF COURT – peddling FALSE POSSESSION CLAIMS through HM Courts with NO PROOF OF ANY DEBT AND NO ENFORCEABLE CONTRACT! He should be in prison but is being illegally protected by the many cronies who have their snouts in the trough and protect the Eversheds big name – no matter the cost to the little man/woman – solicitors WITHOUT CONSCIENCE and WITHOUT MORALS and ACTING IN IGNORANCE OF THE LAW – flagrantly ABUSING THE COURT PROCESS and exploiting their position which is a serious offence under Section 4 of the FRAUD ACT 2006.

    On being discovered, Tim Pyle’s CHAIRMAN John Heaps suddenly resigned from Eversheds, and so did Pyle’s Partner in the Cardiff office! They are COWARDS before the Truth and are relentlessly pursuing FALSE CLAIMS, acting for the criminal elite and believing they are invincible. How many other victims of Eversheds are out there?

    • Dzi

      This is interesting, I am dealing with a similar fraudulent claim by Eversheds.
      I have 1 week until my hearing, do I just present my evidence to the judge or is there any further action I can take?
      They have undoubtedly made my life hell and taken a serious blow into my health with their unfair illegal activities towards myself.

      • The two rogue “officers of the (kangaroo) court” at Eversheds LLP are Tim Pyle (now left since Jan 2015) and RICHARD PITT – both monsters when it comes to dirty tactics. who are you dealing with. Feel free to email me or Skype me to discuss if you wish….

      • Garry field

        I know what you mean as all this stress Iv had a stroke only last week I was rushed in to hospital my blood pressure went up to 240 over 190 know I’m fighting to get my house back they have let my house be broke in 3 times now and they went in there and removed all my stuff go on my LinkedIn garry field the lies are all there

  2. Dzi

    I am currently having to deal with Eversheds myself-I have a mortgage repossession hearing on 29 February 2016, and the witness statement they have provided is full of lies.
    Most of the arrears figures are correct, however they knowingly filed a claim which has many aspects that are false-such as the fact they suggest I have not tried to clear the amounts and lies about me not informing them or Santander that I have tenants at the property and a few other things.
    I informed them they are incorrect on a number of matters and the fact this constitutes fraud if they knowingly proceed with the witness statement they have provided.
    I am yet to receive a reply.
    Do I just tell the judge about this? I am going to complain with Santander in the morning, as suggested to me by the financial ombudsman.
    Is there any further action I can take as their treatment is way beyond fair or reasonable?

  3. Yes, and can you believe that I have uncovered that the 2 rogue “solicitors” at Eversheds have been FALSIFYING THEIR OWN FAKE COURT ORDERS – for over 7 years! shocking or what? no wonder I’m incandescent. You have every right to be up in arms. They are liars and cheats and commit unconscionable acts. They do this, I believe, because they are operating through PRIVATE (not Public) courts – in a private hired capacity – peddling phoney ‘claims’, so these aren’t insured events.
    try challenging this and asking whether its a public or private hearing, then demand the insurance details on the basis they are liars and deceivers and have a huge nuclear trail in their wake. I think you should definitely tell the judge – say it how it is. tell them how these ‘officers of the court’ are abusing the court system for private pecuniary gain by peddling lies through the courts – it is so widespread, I wish more people would speak out. The SRA need a flood of complaints to deal with this institutionalised corruption. Eversheds falsified £28k ‘costs’ without there being a single hearing, when costs were awarded to a totally different named bank! the “mistakes” that some “judges” make are part of the frauds – accidentally on purpose, to create a defective record
    yes, nail them on the phoney ‘statement of truth’. Santander are also ghastly – I have an ongoing battle with them as well. they put a fraudulent charge on the land register when we’ve never had a penny from them!
    You can do them for FRAUD UPON THE COURT – its a civil remedy for fraud and can shut down the entire case

  4. Garry field

    Now this is interesting , I’m dealing with eversheds Cardiff and if you go on LinkedIn and put in garry field you will see all the lies eversheds tell me . Sorry about my grammar over all this Iv had a stroke and all they do is harasse me now Iv took it to the SRA it’s not just Tom black that lies it is the CEO Bryan Hughes and the chairman paul smith and now all they do is what they like I can’t believe they get way with it.

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