HSBC Bank plc (formerly Midland) – Eversheds Solicitors

16 HSBC Eversheds 40p_page001

Accused of Conspiracy to Defraud, etc.

Poster 16 39p

5 responses to “HSBC Bank plc (formerly Midland) – Eversheds Solicitors

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  2. They also target your properties by false claims of people being in Mental Health Hospitals as patients. When they are caught out, they attempt to section you to the Mental Hospital they claim that you were a patient of. They make fraudulent records of “Home Visits” by people whom you have NEVER met. They even get a Judge to sign a Fraudulent Warrant to break into your private properties, in an attempt to section you. They arrive at your home late at night in the hours of darkness, hoping that there will be NO-WITNESSES. It gets better, they also place you on their finance register as having a carer. This is happening now, in the UK. They are doing this to people whom have never had any mental health issues whatsoever, including when you have not seen a Doctor in years and NO-ONE who knows you has raised any concerns, AND you have NO criminal record. In my case they have had to admit their criminal offences, because I caught them in time. They spent months setting the whole thing up, including a False Police arrest and bail, which comes under “Kidnapping” because the had no Corpus Delecti [Complainant].

    • Wow, that’s really important what you share here, Yvonne!

      THANKS A LOT! Sounds familiar with what John Hemming MP is fighting with ‘secret prisoners’. It’s all white collar fraud of the most devious kind. Quite horrific! Well done for having fought back and even WON!!!

  3. They come after peoples properties by naming people as “Ghost Patients” in Mental Hospitals. Where the people have never had any mental health issues in their lives and have not seen any Doctor for years.

  4. ian

    hi yvonne, i happened on some links to you by accident and followed your “name around” via google searching.
    what cought my eye was the statement you made saying that the police had listened in to a solicitor/client conversation.
    i had the same thing happen to me.
    mail me if you can.

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