Mr Franklin R Price Solicitor

05 Price 18p_page001

Accused of Perjury, Fraud and Trespass

When clicking on Price Poster, 17 pages of evidence open

  1. Land Registry extract
  2. Solemn declaration
  3. Historical copy of Register of Title
  4. Administration by Trustee
  5. Fax by The Law Officers
  6. No such court order
  7. No court order
  8. Page 2 Access Rights Unit
  9. Amendment for Costs
  10. Page 2 Amendments to Costs
  11. Page 3 Amendments for Costs
  12. Last page: Amendment for Costs
  13. Judgment Bankruptcy Trustee v Ebert
  14. Evidence in proceedings
  15. Lawyers’ Duties
  16. Irregular appointment of Trustee
  17. Administration of Justice Act 1970


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